Servier and Aqemia Pharmaceuticals have signed a collaboration agreement to accelerate the discovery of small-molecule therapeutic drug candidates in immuno-oncology


This collaboration will utilize Aqemia’s technology based on artificial intelligence and quantum physics. Aqemia will assume responsibility for AI-based design to deliver optimized molecules that meet various small molecule design goals. Unlike most AI-based technologies that need experimental data to train their algorithms before starting design, Aqemia will approach the project from the earliest stage of drug discovery by generating its own data with calculations based on quantum physics and statistics.

Olivier Nosjean, Director of Open Innovation and Scientific Affairs at Servier R&D: “This collaboration with Aqemia is a concrete example of how Servier works side-by-side with a start-up to create value for both parties, working together to accelerate therapeutic innovation for patients. This collaboration is the result of the Start-up @ Servier program, where a first phase of joint work allows us to conduct a key study, or pilot a technology, before entering into a traditional collaboration framework. This is the first time we have applied this model and we are very pleased to see it come to fruition with Aqemia in this promising collaboration.”