Servier launches a new initiative starting in may: EVERY BEAT MATTERS, to raise awareness about elevated heart rate in Central America and the caribbean.
During May, every heartbeat matters! Servier is an actor in caring for cardiovascular diseases (hypertension, coronary heart disease, and heart failure. In addition, cardiovascular diseases are increasing worldwide. We know we are all at risk!  

High blood pressure can have serious consequences: myocardial infarction, stroke, and sudden death. According to the WHO, cardiovascular diseases are responsible for approximately 17.9 million deaths per year, accounting for 32% of all global deaths.   1 

This critical observation can be explained by too late diagnosis or insufficient adherence to treatments, due to multiples pills they usually must take. Servier developed therapeutic solutions adapted to the needs of each patient with various single pill combination that helps patient to be more adherent to their treatment. 2 

Are you checking your heart rate? Is your HR elevated? Talk to your doctor! On May 17 for International HR Day, go to your pharmacies and ask to check your frequency. It’s now the time to join this Servier initiatives.  

That’s why we invite everyone on our Awareness Month, to increase the knowledge about the multiple risk factors for cardiovascular disease. We must amplify the importance and urgency of making an early diagnosis for better management of the disease and educate about the issue of treatment adherence from the start!  

Your heartbeat can speed up for good reasons: good vibes, kind words, sports activity! But also, for bad things like hypertension or poor quality of life. Now it’s time to monitor your heart rate to anticipate any event! 

SCAC 04/23 DM 179 SERVIER – For the exclusive use of the health care professional – WHO : World Health Organizations, bpm: beats per minutes, HR: Heart Rate  

      1. WHO: World Health Organisation – 

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