Servier is an international pharmaceutical company, managed by a foundation. Our vocation is to pursue therapeutic progress for the benefit of patients. It inspires our thoughts and actions, both individually and collectively, which are underpinned by the four values that are the cornerstone of our corporate culture:

  • CARE

These values underpin our corporate ethics.

Our thoughts and actions comply with the laws, regulations, and best practices of the countries where we operate, while simultaneously respecting their culture. They are guided by ethical considerations, in accordance with the rules of conduct (compliance) and our corporate social responsibility.

Our rules of conduct (compliance) define the processes ensuring that all our employees and managers respect the standards applicable to our company and our corporate values.

Our corporate social responsibility reflects our company’s contribution to addressing the key challenges of sustainable development. It incorporates social and environmental considerations into our relationships with our business partners as well as our economic activities.

A Code of Conduct and a CSR Charter incorporate the principles set out in our Code of Ethics. This entire set of principles must be respected and supported by all employees and managers of the company.

Compliance guides our actions and our daily behavior. In addition to complying with laws, regulations, and other industry codes, we are committed to periodically reinforcing our compliance system. To this end, we devote increasingly more resources and means, strengthen our anti-corruption system, and integrate compliance into our risk management strategy. The Servier Group fosters positive dialogue, both within and outside the company. As part of a constructive approach, employees and third parties are encouraged to raise any ethical concerns through the Group’s ethics hotline:

Our full involvement, individually and collectively, in translating these commitments into actions will contribute to the success and sustainability of our company.